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Release Date June 23, 2017
Cast Archie Alemana, Markki Stroem
Running Time 1 hour and 41 minutes
Genre Comedy
Slumber Party Full Movie
On the eve of the Ms. Universe Pageant, three friends throw a slumber party to make their yearly vigil of supporting the Philippine candidate more fun. But other things are going down, aside from the crown. Someone is about to crash their little gathering. Jonel, a kantoboy out to prove his mettle to the neighborhood frat, burgles their apartment. Tables are turned on him when he is overpowered by the petrified men…er, ladies, and he is knocked unconscious…giving the now-not-so-petrified ladies a chance to observe him, up close. Very close. Like he-wakes-up-tied-to-a-chair-completely-at-the-mercy-of-3-angry-gay-men kind of close. As holding one man hostage tests the boundaries of friendship and challenges their views on life and love, slumber party night is bound to be one they will never forget.
Slumber Party Full Movie

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