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The movie focuses on the lives of five young boys – boy next door Adie, “overstaying” Tonton, the geeky Gilbert, the martial arts buff Toffee, and rich guy Arnel – as they try to pass senior year in a different high school (they were kicked out from their previous school). Along the way, they encounter some of the typical adventures and misadventures common to adolescents – young love, family problems, and sexual hijinks.

However, all does not go well, as their separate backgrounds generate problems of their own. Arnel is the only son whose parents want to take over the family business and his mother disapproves of his choice of girlfriend, Janice, who comes from a middle-class background. Toffee seeks companionship in Christine, an older flight attendant, because his own mother, an actress, does not attend to his needs. Gilbert lives in a rented apartment where his mother is hard at work as a businesswoman and the father, a policeman, often hangs out at sauna baths when the rent is already months overdue. His situation is also the same as that of Tonton, who has stayed in senior year for four years. Adie’s in love with Ivy, a girl next door who’s actually married.

Reality hits the gang the hardest when Tonton loses his girlfriend, Rose, in a car accident while drag racing on the same night of the junior-senior prom. As graduation day draws near, it dawns on the gang that they will have to grow up to prepare for life after high school.

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